Where is my bag?

CityBags only takes custody of mishandled bags once they have been located by your airline/baggage handling agent, arrived in the UK and cleared customs. Up until this point we do not have any access to your luggage or knowledge of its whereabouts. When we are notified of the arrival of your luggage at customs, we will collect it from the airport and take it back to our warehouse for processing. At this point you will receive a text message from CityBags providing a two hour delivery window for when your luggage will be returned to you.

We are unfortunately unable to put a time limit on the process as we have no control over getting your bag to the correct airport, or getting it through customs.


I do not have a File Reference Number, will you still deliver my bag?

Yes, providing you have given all the relevant information to the airline/baggage handling agents upon reporting your luggage lost or damaged our delivery process will continue as usual.

However, you will not be able to use our online tracking system without a File Reference Number. We will send you a text when we receive your bag with an estimated delivery window.

A File Reference Number can be provided by the airline you travelled with.


I have received a text from CityBags but will not be in during the suggested delivery window and/or the address details are incorrect – how can I change it?

Once your bag has been processed for delivery CityBags will send you a text with the estimated time of delivery and the address we have been told to deliver your bag to. If you need to change this, please follow the instructions within the text message or email info@citybagsluggage.co.uk